Municipal Product Suite

FPI Mag®

The FPI Mag is McCrometer’s innovative full-profile insertion mag meter saving municipal customers both time and money on their flow projects.

Ultra Mag®

The Ultra Mag is an advanced, leading-edge mag meter that requires only 1D upstream and 0D downstream of most flow disturbers, and still maintains 0.5% accuracy across a large flow range. The field-proven electromagnetic flow meter was designed for the specific needs of the industrial and water & wastewater industries.

Water Specialties™

The Water Specialties propeller meter is engineered to deliver superior performance, low maintenance and unsurpassed durability. Offering a measurement accuracy of ±2% of reading, the Water Specialties can be installed vertically, horizontally or inclined, with sizes ranging from 2 to 120". 


Our classic McPropeller meter has been the leading propeller meter since 1955. This flow meter is also a water management tool, helping reduce water costs with its high accuracy.

VM V-Cone®

The VM V-Cone System has an advanced differential pressure flow sensing design. The flow meter features built-in flow conditioning for superior accuracy. The VM V-Cone is the ideal new or retrofit flow meter for multiple clean water and wastewater treatment applications.

Dura Mag®

The Dura Mag is the electromagnetic flow meter offering a fusion-bonded epoxy coating eliminating risk of liner separation and water intrusion.

Municipal White Paper

Know the Flow: Measurement Where You Need It the Most

McCrometer’s FPI Mag provides accurate measurement at both low flow rates, where accuracy is difficult to achieve, and high flows where inaccuracy results in lost revenue. When technology that offers ease of installation, flexibility across applications, reliability in performance, and top-tier accuracy is presented, plant and distribution network operators are selecting the FPI Mag as their meter of choice.

McCrometer’s Revolutionary Mag Meter

The FPI Mag Flow Meter

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